Restorative Yoga

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Jodi teaches Restorative/Yin Yoga Sunday nights at 6:00 pm @ Shakti Yoga in Ballard, as well as on Thursdays nights at Modo Yoga @ 5:30 pm in Greenlake. She also offers private Restorative/Yin Yoga sessions.

Restorative yoga is considered the true antidote to stress because it is a practice that allows you to relax deeply with awareness. Relaxing with awareness is the key to bringing the mind-body into a state of balance or homeostasis, similar to the effect of meditation.

Modern life is extremely demanding, and it’s easy to be swept away by the intensity of its pace. Today’s pace of life can cause us to be in a state of high alert at all times, as our bodies release stress hormones that stimulate the sympathetic nervous system or our ‘fight or flight’ response. This affects our ability to sleep soundly, to properly digest our food, to focus, to feel grounded and even our ability to conceive a child.  

Restorative Yoga integrates fully supported yin poses and passively held postures. Through props and positioning, each asana is practiced in a way that the practitioner feels held and supported. This allows you to relax deeply and completely, stimulating a parasympathetic response and restoring a sense of balance, calm and groundedness.