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At this time, Jodi is not able to provide primary doula services because of her schedule. However, she is available to be a back-up doula.

Jodi completed the Seattle Midwifery School’s doula training course in 2003.  Since then, she has had the honor of assisting numerous women and their partners through labor and childbirth.

As a certified prenatal and postnatal instructor, she primarily works as a doula with women who attend her prenatal yoga classes.  This gives her the opportunity to develop a relationship with the women prior to the birth of their baby.

Jodi’s philosophy is to support a woman and her partner around the vision of their baby’s birth—whether they choose to have their baby in a hospital, birthing center or at home.  As a doula, Jodi provides physical and emotional support throughout labor and childbirth. As much as desired, she also helps the pregnant woman’s partner provide support too during the birthing process, with emphasis on coping techniques such as positioning, massage, visualization and breath work.

The cost of Jodi’s doula services is $1,800. This includes:

  • One prenatal visit with you and your partner to talk about the vision of your labor and baby’s birth and how you wish to be supported
  • Two prenatal massages
  • Full support during your labor and childbirth, I’ll come as soon as you feel you need support
  • Phone and email support before your baby’s birth
  • One postnatal visit