Ayurvedic Treatments

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massage Jodi Boone specializes in giving healing and relaxation massage. Nurturing and nourishing, regular massage is truly an essential part of a one’s self-care and healing. Massage stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, restoring balance to all bodily systems and functions. In the parasympathetic state, we reduce stress hormones that accumulate in our bodies, assimilate nutrients, eliminate wastes, increase blood circulation and relax and rest in a deep way that promotes regeneration and healing to the mind, body and heart.

Therapeutic Massage is a nourishing full body massage, where we give extra attention to specific areas of your body that are especially in need, such as neck and shoulders, for example. If you’re feeling tension, tightness, stiffness, limited range of motion or pain, this can be addressed, while receiving a full-body massage. Warm oil and essential oils are used to complement the healing effects of your treatment. Please note that I do not do deep tissue / deep pressure massage.

Ayurvedic Warm Oil Massage Abhyanga, or Ayurveda’s traditional warm oil massage, is truly nourishing and deeply relaxing. An oil that is appropriate for your Ayurvedic constitution will be used to nourish your skin and deeper tissues. The focus of Abhyanga, a full body massage, is to deeply relax the mind and body, and bring a sense of peace and centeredness. This is an excellent treatment for exhaustion, anxiety, insomnia and jet-lag – anyone in need of deep healing and nurturing.

Tandem Warm Oil Ayurvedic Massage Give yourself the very special gift of two practitioners giving you tradition Ayurvedic Warm Oil Massage. Four loving hands will massage you for 1.25 hours, bringing you into a deep state of relaxation and bliss. 

Massage & Reiki Jodi will give you a nurturing and therapeutic full body massage, while Heather, a Reiki Practitioner, gives healing Reiki energy throughout your massage, promoting deep healing and relaxation. 

Massage & Hands – On Healing While Jodi is giving you a nurturing and full body massage, Daniela will give hands-on healing energy throughout your treatment. 

Shirodhara: This is a beautiful Ayurvedic treatment that begins with foot, hand, head, face, neck and shoulder massage. During this treatment, a continuous stream of warm, herbal oil is poured over the center of the forehead, as well as the crown of the head. Shirodhara is extremely helpful for stress, a restless mind, insomnia and anxiety.

Children’s Massage – Many clients have asked me to also offer massage to their children, due to feeling stressed for various reasons, including exam preparation, school applications, social pressures, etc. For children ages 8 to 14, I offer a one-hour massage, and the price is reduced to $50. Parents are welcome to be in the room during the massage, relax in the lobby, walk around Greenlake or shop at PCC.

Foot Bath: All treatments begin with a foot bath. This gives you an opportunity to relax for a few minutes and truly arrive, sip some tea and share with me what you need from your treatment. 

No Tipping: I do not expect tips for my services. I charge the amount I feel is an equal exchange of energy.

Location: I give massage at my treatment space at 7307 Woodlawn Ave NE. I also work as an Ayurvedic Therapist at Bastyr Natural Health Center and give traditional Ayurvedic massage and other treatments there. Bastyr is on Stone Way in Wallingford.

To make an appointment: Please see my online scheduling calendar below. If you don’t see a time that works for you, please email me through my contacts page, and I will find a time.

Payment: I accept Visa and MasterCard, I prefer no cash or checks.

Cancellation Policy: Please give 48 hours notice when cancelling your appointment. 

Jodi is a Licensed Massage Practitioner, number #MA60561357.

Massage & Hands-on Healing
with Jodi & Daniela
Tandem Ayurvedic Warm Oil Massage
with Jodi & another Ayurvedic Therapist
Massage & Reiki
with Jodi & Heather

About Heather Danso

Heather Danso is devoted to helping people lower stress and find new possibilities for health and movement through yoga, Reiki, mindfulness, and by honoring the intuition and experience of each individual. She incorporated Yoga and The FeldenkraisMethod® into her life as part of her development of strength and stability after multiple injuries. A former high school teacher and dancer, she brings not only experience, but extensive training in alignment and functional anatomy. Her classes and private lessons focus on developing body-awareness, compassion, intentionality, expressiveness, and kindness. (RYT 200, and Yoga for Parkinson’s; Reiki; The Feldenkrais Method; Restorative Yoga). Class  heatherdanso.com

About Daniela Resh

Daniela Resh is a yoga practitioner and teaches Restorative Yoga at Om Culture on Sunday evenings. Daniela works as an energy healer to help people restore balance in the body to nourish the mind and soul. You can find more information about Daniela at www.simplespruce.com.